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The event

I can offer various options for the big day, ranging from a full days package to individual sessions of any part of the ceremony depending on what you require. The one thing I always do though is make sure you have everything you need without being demanding or interrupting your special day. I will be ever present somewhere in the background capturing those intimate moments or candid shots without setting them up or asking for people to say cheese. I’ve listed below some of the options so that your diary of events to be covered can be tailor-made to suit your already hectic schedule.

Hourly rate = from 40€ per hour

This is negotiable depending on the location and is the basic of all of the packages for those that need to keep a close eye on the costs of their special day. What can be covered in the allotted time will need to be discussed in detail with the party and a schedule drawn up and followed as close as possible to ensure you get enough of your wedding photographed.

Part day = 250€

This can be either of the following stages of the wedding:

  1. Morning preparation and ceremony including the arrival and departure.
  2. Arrival/departure of the ceremony plus a posed group/portrait session (at the ceremony location).
  3. Ceremony, posed/group portrait session (at the ceremony or reception location) plus arrival at the reception to include shots of the cake, venue and guests.

Full Day = 400€

The complete package includes all of the above stages and more as I will continue to shoot on into the meal, the speeches, cutting of the cake and the first dance. I can also continue into the evening if required which is negotiable at the time.


I also offer an extra package to any of the above which includes a special portrait session after the ceremony, at a desired location such as a golf course, beach or local point of interest. Again this is negotiable depending on distance, weather and time of day.


  1. DVD - I shoot digital so the first thing I do after the day is to prepare and process the best shots and offer a DVD as a basic part of any of the packages above. An average day can see me taking around 750 shots so after editing poeple often come away with around 300 hi-res photos. 25€ each
  2. Website/Gallery – This option provides a selection of pictures to be uploaded and presented professionally on the internet with a dedicated web address and links so that you can share your memories with everyone you know around the world. Your gallery can then be Integrated with Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking sites so that your friends have direct access to the photos. Prices start at 250€ for a basic site including all hosting for one year.
  3. Special Album – There are various options of specially presented, professional albums for you to choose from before the day and prices range depending on the choice.
  4. Prints – I offer an online “contact sheet” as well as a standard print to make the ordering of your prints far easier. There are a range of sizes and specials to be had including varying options for framing if required. Prints start at 3€ each
  5. Print Specials – you can choose from oversized standard prints for posters or wall papers, canvases or even rigid boards printed with your chosen picture. Whatever you choose these are sure to be a focal point in anyones house.
  6. Coffee table/Art books – Again, there are various options for these stylish, bound books, either individually designed and tailored for your specific photos or by choosing one of the many modern, contemporary or classic templates. These make a lovely, tactile reminder of your day that you can have on the book shelf or out on the table with your other books, often able to include many more photos than a specialised album.


For a full list of costs and options, please click here or visit the “Price list” page on the main navigation menu.