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What is possible?
Well almost anything these days is achievable. An old photo (see below) can be brought back to life and at the same time, letting you preserve the original in a safe place whilst displaying the new retouched version.

Or lets say you have a holiday snap you love but it lacks a little something, the light is wrong or there is something in the picture that you don’t want there, again, I could transform it so you have something more to show your friends when you return without flipping past that one on your screen or in the album.

What about just converting a favorite photo into a stunning black and white? not as straight forward as it sounds do at home, even with most of the available, consumer PC packages as they often simply convert the colour information without readjusting levels, contrasts and balance. 20seven will do all this to enhance the tonal values of any photograph and produce professional looking results.

Retouching of old/original photos can include:
scratch & dust removal
removal of water stains or colour fade
cropping, rotating and re-sizing
adding colour or converting to black & white
digital copies onto various media
re-printing & framing
canvas prints

Photo Manipulation:
colour conversions/correction
composite images from various sources
object removal
red eye removal
cosmetics – teeth whitening, blemish reduction etc

Scan any photo or negative to digital media for use on your home PC
able to receive all digital files from any media format for retouching
professional, photographic printing (not ink jet) from any file



Price Guide

Below is a basic price list for standard processes but not every picture is the same, not every job involves an equal amount of work. For example, the image above would be charged as:
12€ + 3€ for the scan
Memory stick supplied so no charge for media
total = 15€
so if you have a photo you would like enhanced or converted in any way, please email or call me for a personlised quote.

Scan of original photo(s) up to A4 for digital conversion = 3€ min + 1€ per item
Scan of original negative(s) for digital conversion = 5€ min + 1€ per item
Black & White/Sepia conversions = 5€ per image
Caricatures = 10€
Red eye removal = 3€ per image
CD of converted image(s) if no media supplied = 2€
DVD of converted image(s) if no media supplied = 3€
Standard, Photographic 15cm x 20cm print from any source =  2,50€ each
Photo optimization for social networking sites like facebook = 8€ (up to 20 images)
Special large format prints up to 1.5m wide = POA
Canvas prints  = POA
Bespoke frames for special creatively cropped images = POA
We have many other special promotional items available like mugs, T-shirts, mouse mats, key rings or printed business literature so please email me if you have a special request.

before and after caricature

Professional B&W conversion

cleaned and enhanced